Dear Joe:

The “dust has settled” so to speak, and we are actually getting to the point where we know the location of items in our new home. And so I have time to send you a note.envelop

It was a pleasure, Joe, doing business with you. As the seller, we felt confident that you were representing us completely and with enthusiasm. Phone calls were always promptly returned, and you were available to answer our questions we had in your courteous fashion. Advertising was wisely intermittent and marketing was well done. Offers were presented with thoughtfulness and insight, and your homework worksheets were always complete.

Your knowledge and expertise were apparent to us throughout the entire process. Mostly, we appreciate doing business with someone with your honestly and integrity.

We’ll certainly spreads the word regarding your excellent representation.

We thank you very much- and wish you well.
Jay and Charlie

Kenosha Board of Realtors, Inc.
5913- 6th. Avenue A
Kenosha, Wisconsin 53142

To Whom It May Concern: Recently my mother and I sold a residence and some property in the city of Kenosha. The properties were listed with Huck Realty. We had the property listed for approximately 7 months before a contract was obtained, due to many problems with the property. The property was vacant much of the time prior to the closing and we asked Mr. Huck to handle several business items for us. Mr. Huck went out of his way on many occasions to handle things we requested and he was always actively working at selling and closing on the property.We had negative experiences with several agencies and individuals in Kenosha, due to the problems with the property and our situation of living 1500 miles away, however, we feel fortunate to have had Mr. Huck as our realtor in Kenosha. He always kept me up to date on how things were progressing and it was always a pleasure to deal with him. He is, in my opinion, an outstanding example of honesty and integrity in the Real Estate profession, as well as a fine individual.

Sincerely,Dean S.
Plantation, Florida

Joe Huck
Huck Realty
Kenosha, WI 53143

Dear Mr. Huck:

I suspect that buying or selling a house is at once exciting and frightening to most peoplehttp://www.kenoshanews.com. I know it was for us. This was particularly true since we were selling my Dad’s house and he was dependent on the proceeds of the sale. When you get to be 93, things like “house selling” can be daunting!

The expertise and help you gave us with that project made what would otherwise have been a nightmare into an event that was almost pleasant. Your help let us approach the whole event with a sense of confidence and assurance that our interests were being protected by a professional. I appreciated your attention to detail and your keeping me advised in a more than timely manner. Both Rebecca and I were more than a little surprised when we walked in on you at your office, without a phone call or appointment, and found that not only had you prepared the needed documents but were ready and willing to let us interrupt your day to answer questions and sign-off on the various bits needed to complete the transaction.

Particularly since we are “out-of-towners” to Kenosha, we wanted to say thanks for the help you gave us and the respect your showed for our limited time schedules, even when we knew that your time was being taken from other things http://www.kenoshanews.com. like your family.

Please feel free to list us as a reference  or to have any potential clients call if they have questions or concerns about how Joe Huck does business.

James And Rebecca